Welcome, Treasure Hunters!

to A New Life

Poems and Stories by Nancy

poem: La Vita Nuova by Dante Alighieri. text of poem: In that book which is My memory...On the first page That is the chapter when I first met you Appear the words...Here begins a new life
photo: V & C together at Falls. text: Vincent and Catherine Live

NOTE: The special pages for A New Life's 2014 WFOL Treasure Hunt game no longer work. 
There's no need to hunt anymore.

Click HERE for your out-link to the next segment 
of the Treasure Hunt.

- Original Game -

You're searching for a picnic basket, 
and there is one hidden in a poem on this site. 

But where to find it!

It's simple really. Just answer this one simple question:

If a picnic basket were packed with sweets and treats, 
where - or when - might Vincent and Catherine enjoy it?

Alongside one of the many underground Rivers?

At The Bottom Rung of the ladder 
beneath Catherine's apartment building?

Even though it's cold and snowy outside, during
That Winter Game?

When Vincent and Catherine finally 
go Away for the Weekend?

On One April Day?

Choose an answer above, and check your answer 
by clicking on the matching title 
in the list of poems in the right sidebar. 
If you're right, you're soon on your way 
to the next destination in the hunt. 
If you're wrong, enjoy the poem, 
then return to this page and choose again from the list. 


A note from Carole W (Nancy's technical helper)
She may bean me for bragging on her, but I have to say this.

Nancy's poems are unique. In few words, she conveys layers of meaning, the depths and heights of emotion. She'll make you weep, send you reeling, send you flying
And Love wins. Every time.

I hope you'll return after WFOL to read all her work.
Happy Winterfest!