Adam’s rib

The story is misleading

Life comes of being loved

I am



For H


  1. Oh, Nancy, this is lovely. I remember reading somewhere a poem about how woman was created from the rib of man to stand near to him and be sheltered by him. I don't remember the rest of it...but this is just beautiful. :)


  2. Thank you, Krista. I've just read that God made the first woman 'out of' the first man, then arranged that all men would be born of woman so as to complete the circle of relationship...a fascinating thought i found in the book The Shack. Anyway, I do thank you for your generous comments...always. Nancy

  3. Truly awesome words Nancy. Krista, just now reading your comment. Here's the poem, the author is anonymous:

    Woman was made from the rib of man
    she was not created from his head - to top him
    nor from his feet - to be stepped upon.

    She was made
    from his side - to be equal to him:
    from beneath his arm - to be protected by him:
    near his heart - to be loved by him.

  4. Thank you for the poem, R1, and thank you for the very generous compliments today. Nancy

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