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My name, you know. You might have read some of my earlier efforts to celebrate the love of Vincent and Catherine at CABB’s Tunnel Tales. Way back when, before Lynn graciously, and fortunately for us, accepted the proffered mantle, her fondly remembered predecessor would occasionally issue a CHALLENGE. One suggested creating ‘alternative beginnings’ for our Dear Ones. That was my first temptation to prepare my own place for Vincent and Catherine, not that I hadn’t been carrying them in my heart forever. I succumbed and conceived a short piece that had Vincent celebrating his 4th birthday, his party attended by a very pregnant Aunt Caroline and a doting Uncle Charles, in the Alcott family brownstone, his home, for I made Peter and his wife Vincent’s adoptive parents. Of course Catherine was born there that evening. How’s that for an alternative beginning!

I showed it to H, whose love for me is as much the source of my inspiration as Catherine’s and Vincent’s for one another. He praised it, me, my ability. I was thrilled, though I didn’t quite believe him. That little story went into my folder and I edited it probably for years … well, that might be a slight exaggeration. Company was provided it … and rest … as once and again an idea for a new story, or what I loosely and humbly call a poem would come to mind. Very occasionally I worked up the courage to send something to a kind and accepting Diane, who shepherded TT in those days. Later some went to an equally gracious Lynn. Mostly I kept my ‘children’ where I could visit them and edit to my heart’s content.

I’ve always thought writers should be thanked, if not for the quality of their work – and who am I to judge that – then at least for the generosity that drives them to offer it to the rest of us. I appreciate the way they courageously do what scares the life out of me. My inadequate words of gratitude have returned a blessing, rewarding me with many new friends who are kind and caring and talented ladies. Some of them have introduced me to other remarkable women and I hope all of you will recognize yourselves in this description.

I’m looking through that folder, still editing and revising, but contributing to WFOL and posting here at
A New Life as well. Amazing.


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  1. Anonymous

    I absolutely love your poetry! You have the ability to make me believe I am there, seeing and feeling all that is going on. Thank you.

  2. I'm not sure I can adequately thank you for your kindness. It was so sweet of you to leave this compliment for me. Nancy

  3. Anonymous

    You have a gift for what you do. Much of your poetry has the gift of brevity. (Something my prose sadly lacks, and as Shakespeare said, 'it's the soul of wit.'

    As you say, sometimes, it's enough to remember how brave someone has to be, simply to put themselves out there. So, Thank you for being brave!

    I am new to fandom, and have been ravenously devouring the works I have found about BATB, one of my old favorite treasures of a show.

    Thanks again,

  4. Penny, welcome to fandom! I know you will find endless fine stories to enjoy. Many, many thanks for your kind words. You say you write, too. Have you posted your pieces? I'd love to read your work.
    This blog is a quiet place, a peaceful little chamber with a tall shelf where I store my efforts!
    Thank you so much for visiting and for writing to me. Nancy

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