His Heart


His heart
Her haunted dreams
Though she does not stir
Or make a sound

His heart
Through the hours
As long as she needs
All of it
The pain
The fear
Holds it
Away from her
Until she is strong

A pitiful whimper
Desolate and defenseless
From her darkness
She awakens

He offers solace
Heart whispers
You’re safe
You're safe now

She hears
Than his words
She feels
Than his promise

His voice
She is embraced
His voice
She is cherished
His heart
She can rest
Cosseted and cuddled
Not yet prepared to face
The violence of
The enigma of
The terror of

He knows
For the present
Her repose is tranquil
In the cradle
That is his heart

His heart
Her shelter

His heart’s treasure

With all his strength
His most profound gratitude

His heart

for you, H


  1. Oh, Nancy...this is just lovely. There are no words...and yet you've found some. You have a real gift for saying so much in so few words.

    Great job,

    Krista :)

  2. I saw your sweet, smiling face in some con photos, Krista, and you are as sweet and lovely as you look! This is an old piece...so wordy...but I think I still like it enough to have it here! Thank you for liking it, too. Heard from Carole that you've posted your next chapter...I'm off now to enjoy it! Love, Nancy

  3. Dare I say it? Nancy you've done it again :) So lovely, the way you have described His heart-their meeting. Indeed his heart hers forever. :)

  4. Oh Nancy!

    How Beautiful! Each of your writings has such a depth of feeling and understanding. But this one... this one is absolutely Vincent and so amazing.

  5. Brit, I'm so relieved to hear from you. I couldn't get your blog to come up yesterday. How are you feeling? Nancy

  6. Ann B., you are so kind and I am so grateful for you! Thank you for these sweet words. Our Vincent is such a joy to write, isn't he! Blessings on Mr. Koslow for endowing Vincent with his amazing capability to love and be loved. And bless you for your generous praise! Nancy

  7. Blog is back up, Nancy! I'm feeling almost me again :) Thank you for asking. :)
    *Big Hug*

  8. Maybe too wordy in your mind, but I loved it, especially the part about her repose being tranquil in the cradle of his heart. What a lovely thought.

  9. Thank you, R1, for liking that line so much, for liking the poem. It's old. I'd forgotten it but I thought it might feel at home here with the rest of my efforts! :) Isn't there such a sense of calm, of welcome and belonging, when one visits Vincent and Catherine? Thank you for being here on a Monday morning. I wish you the sweet week you've started for me! Nancy

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