For All Who Love


“Have many … arrived?”

“Mmm … a great many.  More coming.  Others wishing they could be here.  Let me help you with those laces.  Are you concerned about the gathering?  This quilted vest is my favorite, you know.  ”

She didn’t catch the slight tilt of his head … or the bewilderment in his blue gaze … both chased quickly by an understanding grin that she did see … and prize… and know for gratitude.

“This afternoon you said the velvet, the one you’ve laid out for me to wear to the banquet tomorrow evening, is your favorite.  And no, I’m not concerned … it’s something though …   Can it be, Catherine, there are still … others … who wish to be with us?  You know that?”

 She grinned for the sheer fun of her purpose … this game … teasing away his worry.  “Of course there are.  Uncounted family would join us if they could.  Quilted or velvet … I haven’t decided.  Hmm … I need to think about it.”  She feigned concentration for a long moment before glancing up at him.  As though about to announce her choice, she surprised him again.  “Does it trouble you, Vincent … that so many find a … home ... for their hearts with us?”

“I feel it a … great … responsibility …”

“Do you?  For me, it’s a time for … gifts … each of us giving of ourselves … and receiving so much in return.  A time to celebrate love.  No matter which vest you choose to wear.”  She smiled and he loved her even more than he had a moment earlier.  “They come for the love … the friendships … ”  She finished the last tie and hugged him.  “There now, is it … better?”

“Yes.”  He moved a finger to the neatly knotted laces, then spread his palm over his heart.  “Everything is better.  Everything is perfect … because of you.”

“I almost wish we didn’t have to go.”  She stood, still and expectant, and he kissed her.  When the words came, they tasted bittersweet against his lips. “But we should … “

“A moment … the ribbon …” He smoothed the green satin, an excuse to lift the golden strands it gathered, intent on the serenity of silk slipping through his fingers, settling in soft waves on her shoulders.  A moment passed, so bright with love.  “Now ... with you … forever with you … I’m ready.  Come, Catherine, let’s welcome our family.”

for all who will attend
for all who wish they could
2011 Beauty and the Beast Con


  1. Awwww, I remember this one. What a fantastic surprise this was :)


    Krista :)

  2. Krista, you are always, always so quick to leave a kind remark. Thank you. I hope this little piece helped you relive all the fun you had at the Con. That would please me. Love, Nancy

  3. LOL, Nancy, it helps that my website shows when you update this one. So I never miss one of your new poems, or short stories, or new (older) poems ;)

    Ah, it certainly did bring back some memories...I'm going to be missing the con this year, but next year, I'll be back. :) Good times, definitely.


    Krista :)

  4. Ah, so you keep tabs, Krista, but you needn't read so immediately! I do want you to know I'm grateful that you care, or are curious enough, to come take a peek at my efforts but I would understand if you let some mold and mildew settle first! Love, Nancy

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