Come to celebrate
Not all
Can clasp your hand
Or hug you close
Or speak your name with joy

Some journeyed
To a different place
Their welcome
Warm and real
As here
And where they are
You cannot be
But then
A laugh comes shining from across the room
That lilt in happy phrase you know so well
Her funny way of grinning
You know
The joy
The loving friendships
Every special gift
You’ve brought it all with you
Crowded in your heart
To share
With those who never knew
With those who need
So much
To know again

Who wish to be
Come together
The wonder
Our Family

The 2010 Beauty and the Beast Convention
for H, of course, and for all who keep a loved one near


  1. Oh, I just love this, Nancy. You've captured exactly what the convention experience was. I spent a week with people I'd never met in person and felt like I'd known them my entire life. I truly hope you can join us next year. :)


    Sweet and wonderful, Nancy.


  3. Krista, thank you. I've seen your pretty face, that warm smile in con photos and I KNOW anyone who met you there felt welcome and friendship in your company. And you're always so very kind to me ... thank you for that!!! Nancy

  4. Brit, are you one of ALL WHO WISH TO BE? Maybe next year for you?? Carole is going, and Michelle and sweet Krista and they'd take such good care of you!
    Thank you for liking this. Hope you're still getting better! Nancy

  5. You write so beautifully Nancy,
    I enjoy your poetry. You are so very talented and your poems invoke so many sweet emotions:)
    Hugs- Linn

  6. Linn, that is so sweet of you to say! And thank you for your exquisite art. Talk about talent...you have such a gift! Vincent is amazing! I'm kind of partial to Father, mostly because I like Roy so much. He seems to be such a gentleman in everything I hear of him and you've captured him in your drawing. Might you be planning a Catherine piece? I ADORE Linda!!!
    Thanks for your creations, Linn...they are truly precious.
    Love, Nancy

  7. Yes I am one of All Who Wish To Be. I am holding onto to hope! I'd love to go!


  8. Then may your wish come true, Brit! You will be so well cared for and have the time of your life! Nancy

  9. "Friend More, Family" YES exactly. Family, both recently lost and recently found were all there together. This is such a beautiful thing, Nancy and such a lovely gift to the convention. Thank you.

  10. Sandy, did you know I had you and Joan S in my heart when I wrote this? It was for both of you, for everyone grieving Chan's passing and for all those I don't know who'd lost a loved one. Then, too, it was for the rest of us who were present in the thoughts of our celebrating Friends! :) Nancy

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