A Proposal of Love


I made to safeguard my heart

I fled where only darkness knows me

I would have denied love’s truth
But for you

If I’d driven you away…

for H


  1. Oh, Nancy. This is beautiful. Such a story you tell in so few words. :)

    -Krista :)

  2. You cover "what if" in such a beautiful way.

  3. Thank you, Krista, for reading my posts here and thank you for always being so complimentary about my efforts. You are very kind to me. Nancy

  4. R1, your praise is much appreciated. I think of New Life as a forgotten place, a still, pretty place to rest my little pieces...and then you come to visit and find beauty. Thank you. Nancy

  5. Definitely not a forgotten place,but a place where dreams are so eloquently explored and expressed. A place visited often,where we find not only beauty but their love, their hopes...Them. Your poetry and stories are wonderful Nancy and thank you for your beautiful gift of Them.

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