Worth It


A spring evening
The Carl Akeley Hall of African Mammals

She listens a while
The Grieg Piano Concerto in A minor

Memories in the music
Beneath the band shell

She runs
Through the park
To weep
Upon my heart

Possibility presents
Destiny lays claim
A dream

You are my gift
What we shared
What she bestowed
While she dreamed

And I
As I thought never to be
As I feared
Ever to be
As she knew
To be

One wish
As my heart bids good-bye to dreams
Find your happiness

I will always love you

for H


  1. Oh, gosh, Nancy, this scene from "A Happy Life" is a killer, each and every time I watch it. Even knowing that things come right for them both...it's still wrenching to watch. How poignant this is for them both.

  2. It is a painful episode. I did like the pschiatrist...or was he a psychologist...and her time with him was so well acted. (I could happily watch Linda lay bricks!) And that ending was enough to set us soaring, wasn't it...running to his arms...knowing forgiveness was given before she said any words of apology... I never believed his 'complaint' though, about it 'being more than I can bear to live with' and I think he said that to further absolve her/ease the leaving for her...always 'for her'! Ah, Vincent! Thanks, Krista, for these memories. Are you going to watch the episode now??? Love, Nancy

  3. Hi Nancy,

    AHL is not an episode I find easy to watch at the best of times--it is gloriously acted and probably one of the best-written episodes, but it's precisely because it's so painful that I have a hard time watching it (well, most of it---the last scene is something I'd watch over and over again ;-)

    So, no, I probably won't watch it for a bit. ;) But thank you so much for this :)

  4. I understand. I'm not a 'watcher' at all but I have had all the episodes since forever...first the VHS tapes and now the DVDs. The HAVING matters most to me...strange!
    Enjoy your day doing whatever else takes your fancy! Nancy

  5. Hey Nancy,

    See, I am a watcher. ;-) But there are certain episodes I tend to avoid---either because they didn't happen (The Season Which Shall Not Be Named :-D) or they were written so poorly that I'm still trying to figure out how they made it to screen ("Dark Spirit," "The Hollow Men," "The Outsiders") or are just wrenching.

    I just watched "Shades of Grey" the other night for story research and I may have to watch "Ozymandias" for the rest of it. So that's what takes my fancy now. ;-)

  6. I realize that you opened with A Happy Life but once I started the poem, Nancy, I thought "This could be in relation to me." But I know better. I could relate to this:

    Possibility presents
    Destiny lays claim
    A dream

    You are my gift
    What we shared
    "I will always love you"

    Poignancy at its best for AHL

    Thank you for this.

  7. Brit, I'm concerned with what you saw in this as your own... I've heard it said that when your hands are empty you're ready to receive new gifts. May they overflow! Love, Nancy

  8. Another lovely poem, Nancy. Even though it contains a lot of angst, AHL is one of my favorites. I think it's because I never get tired of seeing her run full tilt into his arms. What a rock! He never even took a step back. Plus I remember vividly seeing this episode when it originally aired. I sighed then - and now. Krista, I agree with you. I never understood the need for "Hollow Men" and "The Outsiders."

  9. i hope for overflowing as well!!! Thank you :)

  10. R1, I do thank you once again for your kind reading, your gentle reading, and the way you find something praiseworthy in my efforts. I can remember the lasting horror of The Outsiders when I first saw it. How sad that with all the beauty available they sometimes turned to scripts the likes of that one and Hollow Men...not to mention...no...I won't mention any of that nightmare!
    Thanks you, R1, for your generosity. Nancy

  11. Nancy, all is well. I think it called out to me in way I wasn't aware of.

    Thank you for such wonderfulness


  12. That's good then. Phew.
    As for you thanking me ... I don't think so! The gratitude goes in the opposite direction, Brit!!!
    You are too kind ... always.
    And I do appreciate it. Nancy

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