Granted this moment
Undeserving of the bounty
I honor it
In love with you

We love
Mortal constraints
I am chosen
With you
My everlasting passion

Tomorrow is not mine to give
I offer you
My forever

Into death
We will wander
Time draws on
One shall pass
One remain

For I will soon come
Or know
I wait
Still one with you

No solitary journey on that lighted path
No desperate hopeless tears
Never could there be
Paradise eternal
Than with you

H, with you…


  1. Nancy,

    This is just lovely. A favorite sci-fi writer of mine described death as a doorway where you go in alone, but you're not alone once you get there. I always liked that sentiment---and I think it would hold true for them as well. :)

    Great job, Nancy :)


  2. Krista, you are very, very kind. Thank you for reading my efforts and for finding something complimentary to say. May I share a similar view of dying that I heard once from the pulpit - and I can remember not another thing that priest ever said though he was here for years! - dying is like the child who falls asleep, is gently and lovingly carried to bed, to wake up comfortable and happy and rested the next morning.
    Your grateful friend, Nancy

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