When Love Comes


Love touched the fleeting season of my reality
I am…eternal

The endless hours fly
Too brief
To breathe

How can it be
I am given…

To love her

for H
spring 2011


  1. Awww, I like this, Nancy. How sweet. :)


  2. I not only love this, Nancy: I believe it. The wonder of this depth of love - the yin and yang, contraction and expansion, eternity and brevity of our lives, making love so bittersweet . . . how do you manage to say so much with so few, but perfectly chosen, words? Thank you for this gift.

  3. You know, Krista, that praise from you, such an extraordinary writer, means so much to me. Thank you for taking the time to be supportive and caring. Nancy

  4. Ophelia, your insights are inspired. Thank you for sharing them with me. I guess the wonder of love is so appealing and so eternal... and so well lived by Vincent and Catherine... that it's hard not to be left awed and breathless in its presence. Thank you so much for liking this little piece. Nancy

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