A Time Before


Creviced sky of stone
Light puddles
On a pebbled strand

Solitude’s cinders
A castaway’s camp

The track of steps
To water’s edge and back
And back


Tame the sunless river
Claim it yours
Light the stagnant depths
Dispel the lonely secrets

Speak my name

Erase all time before

for H
summer 2011


  1. I can't find the right words to praise yours. The last nine words left me speechless.

  2. Oh, Nancy. Oh, oh, oh. I've told you this so many times, but this one is my favorite. I, too, am left speechless by the beauty of your words. You've captured such a fragile and at the same time, mighty and steadfast moment. I love your work.


  3. I believe Vincent told Catherine her words take him places; and Dear Nancy, you're words take me places too. So vibrant and beautiful and description ... I love your work as well.

    (I am sorry if this shows up more than once, I had difficulty posting my comment)

  4. R1,I do thank you most sincerely for your generous words for this little piece. Kindness like yours is a blessing. Nancy

  5. Carole, my Strength,thank you for making every piece your 'favorite'. At least I can say the same: every chapter, sentence, phrase, every word you write becomes my favorite, a gift of infinite pleasure and inspiration. Nancy

  6. Brit, you are unfailingly kind and your praise is encouragement. Thank you so very much for being so sweet. Nancy

  7. Nancy, I don't know I missed this...but I did. It's lovely..and those last nine words. Whoa.

    Great job,

    Krista :)

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